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Personal readings with Bill Burns


For those of you who have never had a reading with Bill.  Or it has been a while, and you are wondering if it is time.  Bill has put together a wonderful description of what his personal readings are like.


What makes my readings different?


Initial readings - This reading is often the highlight of a clients life. In it I give you an overview of how your life has unfolded, the impact the events have had on you both visible and hidden, and how to deal with these impacts. I also share your spiritual purpose in this life, the intention on which you decided before being born. It is this intention which is your life’s work. I can help you to understand how this has influenced your life to date and help you relate much of your life experience so far to this intention. Then I share tools by which you can redirect your efforts into a more productive life and more fulfilling directions.


There is then time for question both metaphysical and immediately practical and pictures of people about whom you have questions and need insight.


To quote a long time client, Bill C:


“You give encouragement and the truth, especially the way you explain it, does make one feel better immediately. After my first reading with you I felt hope for the first time in my life. You offer profound and lasting success in all areas of life. Your clients are people who are sick of turning from one apparent answer to the next without ever making any progress.



You really need to say you don't offer quick fixes and superficial success but long term results.”.


Subsequent readings:


One Hour: This reading focuses on the progress made since the last reading, answering questions about next steps and fixing what isn’t working. I also help you with the problems that your growth can create with others, changing direction, insights into new opportunities that growth had brought into your life. I can also give you in depth insight into new people and how to deal with the changes in relationships both friend and intimate affected by your growth. You can then bring up additional questions and get forecasts on current directions. Very reassuring and helpful in a meaningful way.


Half Hour: This is a question and answer session during I can help you with answers to questions you have on any area of your life. Sort of a good clean up session before moving on.


Also available are Mediumship sessions to help you get closure with those who have passed over and to get answers to remaining questions you might have about their well being, what they have learned and what, if any impact or influence they can continue to provide for you from that side.


The release of interfering energies or spirits is also available.


Everything I do is designed to help you feel back in control of your life and to help you develop the strength to move forward free of the influences of the “Them” that crush initiative in so many of us. Clients have gotten amazing results even when everything else they have tried has failed them.



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