Personal Readings with Bill Burns



But what makes my readings different?



        Mr. Burns' initial reading provides a highlight of the client's life: an overview of how it has unfolded, the impact (both visible & hidden) that events have had  as well as how to deal with these impacts.  Bill also shares the client's spiritual purpose in this life, a choice that was made by you before your birth.  This choice informs  your life's work.   Bill will help you understand how this choice has influenced the trajectory of your life and he will explain how this intention relates to your life experiences.   Bill then shares tools you can use to redirect your efforts into a more productive and fulfilling life


Upcoming Trips:

What's New?

Los Angeles

New York


New Hampshire



Los Angeles

May 8th - May 10th


Lecture: TBD





New York

May 11th - May 19th


Lecture: How does one develop trust in a Higher Power

Thursday May 12th at 7pm

Located at: Clodagh Design

115 East. 23rd St. 12th floor

New York, NY, 10010


$25 Dollars at the Door.





Denver Colorado

April 28th - May 4th


Lecture:  What Makes Psychic Insight so Useful in Growing?


Thursday April 28th, 7pm

Located at:  The Althea Center

1400 William Street

Denver Colorado, 80218


$25 Dollars at the Door.





New Hampshire

June 1st - June 16th


Lecture: How does one develop trust in a Higher Power

Thursday, June 2nd at 7pm

Located at:  Chiropractic Associates

765 S. Main St. # 201

Manchester NH  03201


$25 Dollars at the Door.



Lecture of the Week

Graduate Identity



Why is it so hard to change direction?


In this Lecture Bill gives his psychic insight into why so many people (namely, Validation Incarnations) have such a hard time changing direction in life.   But just because something is hard, does not mean it isn't possible, and a few wise words on how to do it could go a long way.












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Graduates of the original identity course are now able to take 'Graduate Identity' a one day workshop hosted by Bill Burns!


Identity Class

Saturday April 16th 10:30am to 4:30 pm

4820 Bellflower Avenue North Hollywood 91601

Full price is $125


for more information on Identity class please go to


To reserve your seat please call Richard at


Reservations are 100% a MUST!

























After so many years, its finally here, a Brand New book by Bill Burns, with ten new themes to explore. Whether you have trouble with friendships, business, work, love, sex, family, or spirituality, there are wise words here for you. Click the picture to purchase!