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Small/Medium Business Consultation


Running a small business takes a lot of time and plenty of support from your employees and management team (when there is one). The Bill Burns Organization understands this. We know that the needs of a small business are different than for a large corporation. In fact, for the last decade we’ve been helping small businesses around the country improve their success. And we can do the same for you.


The Bill Burns Organization knows what it takes to make a small business flourish. Our success with helping small businesses find the right solutions for their organizations is proved each and every day when our clients use their custom designed programs - programs that we tailored specifically to their needs.


The Bill Burns Organization is interested in being of service to you. And that means working with you and your company. We work with your needs, your budget, your human resources department and your time frame because we want to find the right solutions to help you and your company obtain greater success.


As a small business, one of your greatest advantages over a large corporation is that you have the power to find solutions to your needs and make immediate changes toward your goals. Large companies generally do not have that luxury. They are over burdened with the separate desires of their many divisions and various departments within those divisions. But as a small business, you have the opportunity to take action - immediately.


Pricing & Options

- Personal Coaching

- Problem Solving

- Hiring Systems

- Skills Testing

- Performance Monitoring

- Advanced Testing

- Job Descriptions

- Authority Statements

- Performance Standards

- Sales Hiring Systems

- Training / Procedures Manuals

- Video & Audio Training Tapes

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