Bill Burns will be in Los Angeles giving readings until May 13th.
And while he's here there are plenty of events to enjoy! Sign up for one of Bill's lectures, classes, or workshops this coming month! Details below!

Spirit Workshop
Saturday April 25th, 7:30pm
4820 Bellflower Avenue, North Hollywood Ca 91601
$125 (reservation required)
A terrific opportunity to experience medium-ship, find out about what happens in death, and what lines of communication remain open, and possibly even talk to your own departed loved ones. An exciting and mysterious night. (Estimated duration: 2 hours).

Lecture: The many faces of fear
Sunday April 26thth, 10am
Located at: The Skirball Cultural Center
2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90049
$25 at the door
As we grow up, we experience and live through many different types of fear. We only wish that it ended with childhood, but for most of us fear can be a silent partner and robs life of its joy.

Class: Advanced Identity
Sunday May 3rd, 10:30am - 4:30pm
4820 Bellflower Avenue, North Hollywood Ca 91601
$175 (Reservation required)
A wonderful exploration of the deeper issues uncovered in identity, new views of the tools, and a deeper understanding of why things work the way they do. Available only to identity graduates no matter when you took the course. Reservation required.

There is then time for questions both metaphysical and immediately practical and pictures of people about whom you have questions and need insight.