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Manchester NH

Available for Readings 6/6/2014 - 6/24/2014


He will be offering five lectures/workshops. He will be available for personal readings,

which are life changing and amazing.  Contact Josh at 323-654-7714 or Diana at 603-785-3689 for readings.

Contact  Robin Bruck at 603-235-0973 to schedule for

Manchester/Lee Workshops.


Bill will be  available at The Hilton Garden Inn

Manchester, NH






JUNE 12, 2014    7pm  cost $25

Chiropractic Associates 765 South Main St. Suite #201

Manchester, NH  03102



A GREAT lecture in the “Bill” tradition. Equal abuse to each side!!! Seriously there are major differences in the ways that men and women think , behave and react. Because of the gender role training with which we are raised, these differences are left to each person to work out. Both sides are often confused, upset and hurt when this lack of perspective blocks understanding in conflict or even functional situations.


This makes for less than perfect communication and trust between workers, partners and friends. Even in cases where the parties have come to terms with this gap in understanding, the full depth of partnership and trust is often blocked or strained.


This lecture is not about changing people but about understanding them. Although this lecture is not a prerequisite for the Workshop “Preparing Yourself for Partnership” it will sure add to your experience of it!


Come hear Bill discuss these differences and even more importantly, share ways to resolve these issues.







Identity Graduates: Exploring New Heights Having taken Identity I & II, you have now acquired the fundamentals, the tools and the ground work to address many life issues. Yet, since each of us is unique there continue to be challenges with life, love and career. There is simply no “cookie cutter” answer.


Identity Graduates is tailored to address YOUR individual questions in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. While most people are looking for a way to make the symptoms go away, Identity participants are looking for answers to address the root-cause of their problems.




06/19/2014 SPIRITUAL PATHS (LEE, NH)   6:30PM $25

The Lotus Touch  (owner Toni Ross 603-969-7877)

3 Mast Rd. Lee, NH   03861


Spiritual Paths


All of us with an interest in Spiritual Development are also seekers of physical well being.  We have tried Yoga, meditation, Rieki, massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, aroma therapy, special diets, drumming, Kabala, Eastern Thought and many other paths.  Each of these make claims for well being and peace of mind.


What may be less well know is that each can be a path to spiriutal growth and aspects of enlightenment.


Bill will talk about these paths to spiritual growth and some of the problems they can create.  He will also discuss the whole idea of enlightenment, what it means and what achieving it is supposed to do.


As always spot readings, laughter and fun are part of this enlightening experience with Bill!




06/21/2014 ESCAPING VICTIM-HOOD $165

The Lotus Touch  (owner Toni Ross 603-969-7877)

3 Mast Rd. Lee, NH   03861


"Focus, Commitment, and Belief" What roles do these words play in your life? How about the words?  "Unwavering Courage, Empathy, and Mastery".  Bill will teach you how to strengthen these concepts and other realities in your life. Learn how to manage your life and retire from a "victim-hood mentality" into a confident and prosperous lifestyle.






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