Bill's upcoming trips:

Los Angeles
May 29th - June 9th
Lecture: How Did I Get Here? Fear

Sunday June 7th, 10:00 AM
Located at: Skirball Cultural Center
2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 440-4500
$25 at the door

What decisions did we make make before we were born, and why? Why do I look the way I do. why do I have the problems I have? Get a chance to review your last BIG decision making session, was it a hit or a miss? Spot readings will be available following the lecture and Bill will tie his answers into your intention for incarnating as discussed during the lecture!

New York
June 9th - June 18th
Lecture: The Many Faces of Fear

Thursday, June 11th, 7:00 PM
Located at: Clodagh Design Center
670 Broadway, Suite 300 New York, NY 10012
(656) 706-7142
$25 at the door

As we grow up, we experience and live through many different types of fear. We only wish that it ended with childhood, but for most of us fear can be a silent partner and robs life of its joy.

Los Angeles
June 19th - TBD

There is then time for questions both metaphysical and immediately practical and pictures of people about whom you have questions and need insight.