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Psychic Shows


There are a lot of psychic shows on these days, they break down into three types.


The first type is the first person experience type. Shows like Psychic Encounters with Lawrence Chow (now in reruns) or Celebrity Encounters allow those who have personal experiences with the paranormal to recount those in a “flash back” re-enactment format. These are very enlightening and can be exciting.


The second is the “searching for evidence” type show like Psychic Challenge with Zak, Aaron and Nick. These shows visit haunted places and using a variety of electronic methods try for evidence of hauntings. This type of show is fun and depending on the hosts or stars creates a good time.


The third type is more interested in communicating with and understanding the haunting and they visit people having difficulty with their environment (house, barn, land). This type is best illustrated (in my opinion) by Paranormal State. Where Ryan Buell and his group visit people who have problems and try to help them understand what is going on and in some cases try to help them. Another excellent program (also in reruns at this time) is The Dead Files with Amy Allen. I am amazed by her accuracy (and also by the accuracy of Chip Coffee in Paranormal State) and by the clarity of her analysis with the clients along with her partner who was a New York Police investigator.


My only issue with them is that they never really help the spirits involved. Many of these situations can be really eliminated by working with the spirits to help them move on without the religious element being involved (except with true demons). Much of my work is about helping such spirits and getting them to move on or else...


I do a lot of releases of spirits from people and places and in most cases the spirit gets the help it or they need. I get to explain to the person or people effected what the learning lesson for both the spirit and for them might be and to help them benefit from the experience and to productively move on.


The only problem with helping spirits is that it isn’t very dramatic as a process so not TV worthy though the results sure are! It may be that the people involved don’t have the ability to do this and I understand that but some one with that ability should be involved for the spirits’ sake. So when you call me to solve the problem, I won’t create the drama but I will correct the problem!


Enjoy the shows, I have only mentioned a few. Some are not good, some are fools, but most are at the least well meaning and at best good entertainment and educative.




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