Personal readings with Bill Burns


For those of you who have never had a reading with Bill, or haven't in some time, you are probably wondering if its time. 

But what makes my readings different?

Mr. Burns' initial reading involves giving a highlight of the client's life: an overview of how it has unfolded, the impact the events have had (both visible & hidden) as well as how to deal with these impacts.  Bill also shares the client's spiritual purpose in this life, a choice that was made by you before being born.  It is this intention that is your life's work, and bill can help you understand how this has influenced the trajectory of your life by describing how this intention relates to your life experiences.   Bill then shares tools by which you can redirect your efforts into a more productive and fulfilling life.

There is then time for questions both metaphysical and immediately practical and pictures of people about whom you have questions and need insight.