Bill offers a wide variety of psychic services that you may Schedule yourself for Today. To your right you will find a full price chart based on location. Below, you will find more indepth descriptions of what each reading offers. To book your reading, please call Richard at: 323-654-7714


  • Personal Reading

       For first time clients, a 1 hour personal reading is a must.  In Your Personal Reading you'll meet with Bill in a quiet room, comfortably seated at a table or desk for an unhurried hour or more. Bill takes a few moments to make contact with you and your inner self, then interprets the rapid flow of impressions that he receives about you and your life's direction. As a first priority, Bill describes the most important direction changes or other alterations that you should try to make in your life. Throughout your reading always ask for clarification of details or request more information whenever something isn't clear to you.


        The second half of the session is your chance to ask specific questions that you have about your life, work, family, friends or other interests. For best results, be sure to plan your questions in advance by writing them down so they won't be forgotten. Also bring pictures of any person or topic that you'd like Bill to review for you, the more recent, the better.  This second half of the reading is the same thing you get from the Q&A reading mentioned below.  you do not need to buy one of each to get these different perspectives.


        Each reading comes with a digital CD recording and/or digital mp3 download of your discussion, so that you can go back and re-listen to what was learned.   You also receive a free 15 minute follow up phone call within the first month, to clarify anything that you might have misunderstood or forgotten.


  • Q&A Reading

       For those short on cash or who need to get right to the point, Bill offers 1/2 hour Q&A readings.   Sit down, have your questions ready, and Bill will quickfire his answers at you. Great for those in search of very specific advice who aren't in need of a larger look at their life.  This reading also comes with a CD/Digital recording and a 5 minute follow up call.

  • Couples Reading

      Bring a loved one into Bill's office and get your readings together.  psychically address any problems the two of you might have, or find insight to help grow together, as well as ask about any personal issues each of you might have.

  • Q&A by Phone

       For those who can't get to see Bill in Person, we do offer the 1/2 hour reading over the phone, However, they are much more straining on Bill as it is harder to connect when not in person.  Bill heavily recommends coming to see him in person, but if it cannot be done, phone readings are offered at a much higher price (See chart).

  • E-mail Questions

       Limited to only 2 questions, these readings are available for those who need quick answers to smaller scale problems, a quick consultation for whatever your needs may be.

  • Phone Questions

       For those who need quick assistance, a 10 minute reading is offered with a limit of 3 questions.

  • Spirit Channeling

        Spirituality knows no definition of 'death'.  For those who have departed our world, they are still available to talk through Bill.   Bring in a picture and personal item of the deceased and help find closure by talking with them.  Lasts about 1/2 hour.

  • Past Life Reading

       We often reincarnate in order to continue the learning from our previous lives, but without our memories we can be at a bit of a loss.  Bill can channel your higher spirit and offer insight not only into who you were in your past life, but also into what you can do to complete your growth.

  • Spirit Clearing

     Spirits have a nasty habit of attaching themselves to and hurting normal people like yourselves.  if you fear you might have a larger spiritual issue affecting your life, give us a call and make an appointment.   If Bill finds that you have no spirit issue, you may always change the appointment to a 1 hour reading to try and address the problems you thought were being caused by spirits.


       Clearings are also offered for locations/houses, and priced on a situational basis.  Give us a call to get a quote.


  • Follow Up Calls

       15 minute follow up calls are offered for FREE after most of the above services that are 30 minutes or longer.   They are intended only for clarification on misunderstandings or confusing aspects of the reading.  New questions are not to be asked unless Bill specifically requests that you call him to follow up on that specific subject.