Psychic Readings

Channeling is an amazing opportunity to talk

to those who have died and gone to the

non-physical side of life.  Channeling can also

help heal, complete issues, make amends,

gain insight into the other persons' motives and

situation as well as allow a dialogue of resolution

with people who are no longer here on earth,

provided they are around and willing to participate.


This is a dramatic and powerful event that can help

bring great peace and closure to the spirit and

person alike.


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The benefits of a private reading are many and start with an understanding of our life's plan.  The life plan  begins at our birth and ends with our transition to the other side at death.

Our learning experiences are mapped into our lives before we are born.  They are uniquely designed to provide the best chance for our personal growth and spiritual development.  Our experiences may be joyful or painful.  Regardless, each of our life experiences is here to be confronted and mastered.

When we waiver from life's path and fail to follow the course laid out for us, we feel cut adrift and quickly lose confidence in our insights and in who we are.

Our life is our responsibility, and the choices we make while living it are for us alone.  Bill's readings provide all the tools and insight that we need to completely restructure our life and bring it into harmony with our destiny..